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Start Fishing On Romanian Delta Danube

Start Fishing On Romanian Delta Danube

Start Fishing On Romanian Delta Danube, the proposed locations are recommended for both stationary fishing: Carp and Catfish - exceptional fishing places on the Old Danube, both on the loops between Crisan and Mila 23 or between the old buoys and Mila 8.5 or on the narrow area, at the curls.

Other recommended places are the Caraorman channel, the Litcov channel and the channel that leads to the Puiu or Rosu lakes. For raptor fishing: carp, pike, avat, salu, catfish or biban we recommend the Three Iezere, Bogdaproste, Iacub, Lebede's Nest, Obretin, Vatafu, Lumina or Isac, Baclanesti, Fortuna, Ligheanca or along the channels parallel to the Old Danube. The fishing locations on the Danube are numerous. But the best known are the ones in the heart of the Delta - the places where you can only reach the water. To save time and money, we recommend that you stay close to the places where you will fish.

The locations also offer to those who wish to accompany fishermen, wives, children, friends, various leisure activities such as Daily trips to lakes and canals are organized to admire the birds: pelicans, egrets, cormorants, storks. Admire the flora and fauna of the Delta, visit the Letea forest or the shores of Caraorman. Visit Sulina which is the most remote point of Europe, old Porto Franco, the city of adventurers and pirates. Don't miss the mouths of the Danube in the Black Sea or the romantic trips at sunset or sunrise. The lake Pietrei is a fish farm with an area of ​​88 ha, located in Tulcea County, about 35 km from Tulcea Municipality on the Tulcea Murighiol route.
The lake has depths of up to 5 m and has a diverse fish population: carp, salting, pike, catfish, droppings, red deer. The fishing sites are arranged and have wooden tables near reed shading.

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